Chapter 2: Building an Ethical & Global Foundation

In Chapter 2 of our new book, our focus turns to building an ethical and scalable foundation for Behavioral Science. Readers will learn about the Nudging for Good Awards, which promote the ethical use of Behavioral Science -as well as the flipside: the concepts of “Dark Nudges” and “Sludge” and potentially damaging behaviors that crop up as the field matures in the 7 Temptations of Behavioral Scientists and Consultants.

The 7 Temptations of Behavioral Scientists & Consultants. Image credit: Tiphaine Breton

This chapter also speaks to the challenges of scaling Behavioral Science at the global level. Below is an excerpt of Richard Bordenave’s article on this topic:

“As Behavioral Science continues to spread its influence around the world, questions about cultural sensitivity and the universality of its principles pose barriers in the application of insights… but are all behavioral insights fit for travel, i.e., universally applicable?

“What should behavioral consultants put in their suitcases, and what should they try to discover locally if they want to intervene in countries other than their own? In an attempt to guide them, we have built a compass for context exploration: an empirical framework articulating the contributions of various disciplines – from individual diagnostics, with sensory biases, heuristics and situational factors, to social ones with interdependent norms and cultural memes.

To discover the framework and read the complete chapter, download the book Applying & Infusing Behavioral Science: Insights, Frameworks & Case Studies from the BVA Nudge Unit.

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