B.E. GOOD! Podcast | Piyush Tantia: Scaling the Social Impact of Behavioral Science

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In this episode, we speak with Piyush Tantia, the Chief Innovation Officer and a Board Member at ideas42, an organization that he co-founded.

ideas42 is a non-profit organisation that uses insights from behavioral science to improve lives, build better systems and policies, and drive social change. It is one of the leading practitioner organisations in our field and has contributed greatly to the growth of behavioral science over the past decade. 

During our conversation with Piyush, we discussed: 

  • The birth of ideas42, including two key decisions that positioned it for long-term success
  • The challenge of scaling interventions globally – and importance of detail in adapting them to local cultures
  • The range of skills needed to be successful in applying Behavioral Science (and why a PhD is not needed!)
  • How COVID has forced ideas42 to adjust its mentality and approach to advising governments and organisations  
  • The “customization” opportunity presented by integrating AI and machine learning with Behavioral Science
  • Three conscious shifts that are critical to the future of Behavioral Science

Join us for this special episode, as part of our B.E. GOOD! podcast: Nudging better business and better lives.

You can also download the transcript of the podcast episode:

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To learn more about ideas42 and its work, please visit: https://www.ideas42.org/

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