B.E. GOOD! Podcast | Dilip Soman: Behavioral Economics in Action

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Dilip Soman is a Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Science and Economics and serves as a Director of the Behavioral Economics in Action Research Centre at Rotman [BEAR]. His research is in the area of behavioral science and its applications to consumer wellbeing, marketing and policy.

Please join us to hear…

• How Dilip’s mechanical engineering experience with earth-moving machines got him interested in behavioral science

• Three things that Dilip learned from Richard Thaler as a PhD Student at University of Chicago

• The story behind Dilip’s pioneering MOOC – and several big ideas from his book, The Last Mile

• Two big issues that Dilip thinks will be the future of behavioral science

• Where Dilip sees “win-win-win” opportunities for businesses, consumers and society

For more, check out Dilip’s book, The Last Mile.

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