B.E. GOOD! Podcast | Caroline Webb: Upgrade Your Workday with Behavioral Science

How can you have more “good days” at work?

This is one of the key questions Caroline Webb, workplace productivity expert and author of How to Have a Good Day, asked in her years at McKinsey when helping teams to be more productive, creative, and fulfilled. The results from her experiences, backed by decades of behavioral science research, lead to insights that can drastically improve your workday. For example, did you know that avoiding multi-tasking – or doing what Caroline calls singletasking – can help you complete tasks 30% faster?

We had the fantastic opportunity to speak with Caroline Webb to learn more about how to have a “Good Day” at work by working with the way our brains are naturally programmed, using behavioral science. Join us for this special episode as part of our B.E. Good! Nudging better business and better lives podcast.

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