An international lens
with a local prism

BVA Nudge Unit is uniquely positioned as an international pioneer in the application of Behavioral Science for both private and public clients. Our unparalleled global network is comprised of hubs providing local expertise all around the world, in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia. Our experience over the past twelve months has applied behavioral interventions that address consumers and citizens in France, Germany, the UK, the US, Chile, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, India, and Korea. Our worldwide presence allows us to provide expertise guided by deep knowledge of relevant local culture, enriching our approach with the diversity of our accumulated experiences.

Contact our local experts to learn more : Eric Singler (global), Jenic Mantashian (US), Xavier Genot (LatAm), Etienne Bressoud (Europe), Stéphane Schmaltz (Europe), Scott Young (UK), Gail Ng (Asia).

We are BVA’s dedicated expert behavioral unit

BVA is one of the world’s biggest social and market research and consulting groups, with subsidiaries representing more than a thousand accomplished and experienced consultants and practitioners, distributed across all continents with vast business and industry sector expertise (www.bva-group.com). BVA Nudge Unit draws on this unique ecosystem of collaborators to reinforce its expertise with the group’s relevant competencies, whether in specific industry domain expertise (public policy, health, banking, insurance, telecom, mass consumption, etc.) or a specific methodological expertise (data science, concept creation, video production, internal communication, design thinking, etc.). Unlike other independent BE consultancies, BVA’s ecosystem allows the Nudge Unit to leverage its nearly unlimited capacity to configure customized relevant teams, adapted to each client’s project depending on its unique needs.