A story

of passion

BVA Nudge Unit’s story is, above all, the story of a passion! The passion of men and women for Behavioral Science and its application to the challenges that any public or private sector organization faces everyday : creating sustainable, transformative change in their consumers’ behavior and within their own organizations.

The passion for learning in order to be at the cutting edge of expertise in the actionable application of Behavioral Economics. The passion for conceiving innovative interventions that may be small “nudges” but add up to have big cumulative effects! The passion for working collaboratively as a team, both in-house and with our clients. The passion for promoting the power of Behavioral Science. The passion for creating efficiency for our clients.

An incubation phase inside BVA’s Innovation department allowed us to conceive and develop our approach, after which BVA Nudge Unit was created in 2013. Since this foundational moment, the passion that animates our team is at the very heart of our culture.

A story of passion

A story

of expertise

At BVA Nudge Unit we live an ongoing quest for excellence in the theory and practice of applying behavioral science to the most challenging business and social problems. Our ambition: to continue to attract and enable the most effective team, able to conceive and deliver the most relevant strategies and actions, allowing clients to achieve genuine transformational behavioral change.

Our distinctive approach blends a unique combination of complementary competencies: the fundamental academic knowledge in behavioral economics, as well as rigorous multi-disciplinary expertise and experience in marketing, communication, qualitative and quantitative research, design thinking, executive coaching, change management and consulting. We aren’t just theorists. We have been in your shoes and we know that that in order to be effective you need to transcend the academic and realize the simple and pragmatic steps to “nudge” change. This multi-disciplinary approach, as well as our actual experience within organizations like yours, allows us to develop specific processes that drive unique genuine efficiency in each of our behavioral change strategies.

A story  of expertise

A story

of innovation

Innovation is at the core of BVA Nudge Unit’s history, having been incubated inside our parent company, the BVA Group, tasked with envisioning the future of consultancy and the innovations that can transform our clients’ businesses. Our first intervention created for our clients within the SGMAP and the DGFIP in 2013 was the result of our NudgeLab methodology. The case study was recognized both in France and internationally with the 2014 Marketing Trophy and the 2014 “Best Case History” and 2015 “Overall Best Paper” of the international research association, ESOMAR.

Since our foundational moment, the BVA Nudge Unit has committed to innovate, test and learn, both in terms of our methodological approaches and the problems they can be applied to.

A story of innovation